Group Publisher Mike Reyno

As Vertical, Vertical 911 & Skies co-founder and co-publisher, Mike has been covering the aviation sector for 18 years in both words and pictures. Prior to launching Vertical with his wife, Linda, in 2002, Mike's work had been published in aviation publications and journals around the world.

Mike was bitten by the aviation bug at the age of six, when he watched his first air show in London, Ont., Canada sitting on his dad's shoulders. When he was old enough to hold a camera, his obsession then turned to photography. Failing miserably later in life to woo women with his camera (that is, until Linda came along), he discovered that capturing aviation on film was the next best thing. Mike was able to turn his hobby into a career by the mid 90s, and it wasn't long before he was flying in the back of F-18s with the Canadian Air Force as well as becoming an offcial photographer for the world-renowned Snowbirds air demonstration team.

However, he quickly realized where the real action was: in the helicopter industry. Mike takes great pride in being able to produce an award-winning publication for a sector that is often likened to the "adopted stepchild" of aviation. Although Mike tries to include aviation and photography in many aspects of his life, he has managed to acquire some other exciting interests, too, including cooking, housecleaning and yard work. He resides in Kitchener, Ont., with Linda and their three children (Mitchell, Hanna and Madison - the "MHM" of MHM Publishing), as well as three dogs, two hamsters and a rabbit.

Co-Publisher Linda Reyno

Linda, Vertical, Vertical 911 & Skies publisher and co-founder, spent the better part of her career in a sales and marketing position with a major telecommunications company in North America. This, despite being a farm girl at heart: growing up on a family farm in rural Ontario with seven brothers and sisters, she spent many a summer day baling straw, picking stones and cleaning out pig pens!

In 2001, after bringing her twin girls home to an already busy household and a two-year-old son, Linda planned to dedicate her time to raising her family. Unable to stay still for long, however, she eagerly joined Mike in launching MHM Publishing, named after their three children. Mike and Linda saw a niche that was not being covered by existing publications, and decided to devote Vertical to the North American civil helicopter market.

Now with a dedicated team of 15 working at MHM Publishing, Linda divides her time between managing the company, running a household, and raising those three kids, three dogs, two hamsters and a rabbit.

Associate Publisher Derek Kast

Derek is responsible for the overall portfolio of sales, marketing and communications for the Vertical, Vertical911 and Skies brands. With more than 17 years of sales experience, he draws on an extensive background in sales and sales management. Derek's straightforward, low-pressure sales approach is one example of how MHM Publishing is forging a new direction in publishing.

Prior to joining MHM Publishing, Derek was a senior business development manager managing top accounts at Storeimage, where he worked for 14 years. He is a graduate of Conestoga College.

Derek and his wife, Beth, have two children: Danielle and Ethan. He enjoys many activities, but is particularly dedicated to his karate. In September 2012, after five years of training, Derek obtained the Black Belt in Goju Ryu karate under Shihan Fries. He has set new goals and continues to study and train in the Goju Ryu style karate extensively.

Vertical Managing Editor Oliver Johnson

Oliver joined MHM Publishing as Online Editor at the beginning of 2012, and soon realized he had found his calling in reporting on the aviation industry. He considers himself extraordinarily lucky to be able to cover the enormous range of amazing aircraft that perform such varied missions in some of the most spectacular locations in the world — and, of course, all the colorful characters that make the industry so special. Oliver moved over to MHM's print publications in 2013, when he took over as Managing Editor of Vertical and Vertical 911 magazines.

With a master's degree in journalism from the University of Sheffield in the U.K., Oliver surprises many people by actually having an English accent. Despite having to put up with people laughing at him whenever he says things like, "bath" and "water," he is happily settled in Waterloo, Ont., and is trying hard to properly fit in with the locals by learning to play hockey.

Skies Editor-in-Chief Lisa Gordon

Lisa Gordon has been an aviation enthusiast since the early 90s, when she was a part-time dispatcher at a flight training school in Hamilton, Ont. She went on to work at two other flying schools while pursuing a journalism degree at Ryerson University in Toronto. Lisa worked at FlightSafety Canada and was the editor of the COPA Flight newspaper before joining Naylor Publications, a firm dedicated to producing custom publications for more than 500 associations in Canada and the U.S. After a decade as Managing Editor at Naylor, Lisa is happy to be back in the industry and excited to be part of the team launching Canada's premier aviation magazine, Skies.

Vertical Special Projects Manager & News Editor Elan Head

Elan Head has been writing and editing professionally since 1998, and flying helicopters since 2004. She is an FAA Gold Seal flight instructor with helicopter and instrument helicopter ratings, and is busily collecting commercial pilot licenses from around the world. A native of New Mexico, she previously edited HeliNews Magazine in Australia.

A former restaurant critic with a penchant for adventure, Elan is equally comfortable in Michelin-starred restaurants or hanging off the ramps of Chinooks in Afghanistan (well, maybe a little more comfortable in the restaurants).

Follow her on Twitter: @elanhead.

Skies Director of Sales and Marketing Tim Muise

Tim Muise is a long-time aviation publishing professional who was first introduced to the industry during his stint at National Military Publishers, where he was involved with the production of air show programs for the Canadian Department of National Defence. In subsequent years Tim worked in marketing until he joined what is now known as Annex Publishing and Printing, where he became publisher of their two aviation titles, Wings and Helicopters, until he moved on to other opportunities in 2009. Now, Tim is excited to take on the role of Director of Sales and Marketing with Skies. Contact him today for information on advertising rates and incentives!

Vertical & Skies Classified Advertising Manager Carla McKay

Carla has been involved with Vertical from the early days of the magazine. (She has been best friends with Linda since they were five, so she has been around the Reyno family for a very long time.) Carla left her banking position at Scotiabank to come and work for Mike and Linda at Vertical, and from juggling circulation, subscriptions, accounting, invoicing and payroll duties when the magazine was a start-up, Carla moved into her current position in sales as the company grew.

Carla is very easygoing, friendly, and "a bit of a perfectionist," who likes to go that extra mile to help her clients find the marketing solutions that are perfect for them. Away from the office, she and her family enjoy simple small-town living away from the big city of Kitchener. In her spare time, she is kept busy running her two kids to their sports activities, playing with the family's two dogs, or just relaxing with a good book and a glass of wine. She does have a crazy side to her, though - give her a gin and tonic and she will dance the night away.

Circulation Manager & Skies Marketplace Sales Leanne Willis

Leanne joined MHM Publishing in 2007. Besides managing the sizable subscription lists of Vertical and Skies, she oversees human resources, and has now begun handling marketplace sales for Skies.

Leanne graduated with a degree in psychology and a minor in geography from Wilfrid Laurier University, where she also played lacrosse. She also has a diploma in HR management from Conestoga College.

Always stylish, Leanne loves fashion and shopping, and also likes to dance. Mostly, though, she loves to laugh!

Production Manager Jen Colven

Jen is the creative guru at the MHM Publishing office. Since coming aboard as a designer in 2008, the Mohawk College grad has done work for almost all of the magazine's clients. The creative, cutting-edge designs of Vertical, Vertical 911 and Skies owe much to her artsy coolness; owes much to her artsy coolness; as a fan of the independent music and film scenes, she definitely brings a different perspective to helicopter publishing.

Jen is naturally one of the key mechanisms in the social scene at the MHM office. The reasons for that could be many: her easygoing personality, her ability to make almost anything that comes her way laughable, her love for speaking in the third person... We could go on and on, but more than likely it's just her willingness to go for drinks with very little notice.

Graphic Designer Kaytlyn Wismayer

Kaytlyn may be relatively new to the helicopter industry, but she feels right at home with her MHM colleagues. An artist since her youth, Kaytlyn has always known she would find herself in the creative field. Designing the issues of Vertical, Vertical 911 and Skies you know and love was a natural fit. She currently has 10 years of graphic design experience under her belt. In addition to graduating from Sheridan Institute with a BAA degree, she freelances as a traditional painter/illustrator, amateur wedding photographer, and donates her design skills to the Elora Environment Centre.

When she's not at the office, Kaytlyn enjoys spending time with her two fur-babies, Mika and Zephyr, camping, canoeing, and putting hammer to nail for improvement projects around her new home.

Webmaster David Agotesku

Born from King's blood and raised by ninjas, I always expected to become a master in web development and management. While becoming a billionaire overnight and fighting crime as a man who wears a costume in the likeness of a bat was equally likely for my future prospects, apparently a mechanical dancing monkey who consistently catches fire is not a very profitable endeavour. When I'm not developing works of art for all the Internet to be stunned and amazed by, I actively engage in my very serious hobby of professional pillow fort building. Last year I won the award for the only pillow fort to withstand a ballistic missile.

Here are the only other things you should know about me: I love dogs and DAVE DOESN'T SHARE FOOD.

Accounting Manager Dana Hancock

Dana describes herself as "a bit of a nerd who likes working with numbers." This makes for a content Accounting Manager. When she's not crunching numbers in the office, the Conestoga College graduate usually has her head stuck in a book, or is studying for courses for Canada Revenue Agency compliance or furthering her accounting studies. Dana and her husband Jeff have two sons: Brody and Matt, who are into electric guitars and drums. Which means that "our house tends to be busy and sometimes loud," she says.

Office Administrator Lori Hill

Whether it's a poster you'd like to order or you have a general Vertical or Skies inquiry, when you call MHM publishing there's a good chance you'll be speaking to Lori.

Lori joined the team in 2010 and has since taken on invoicing, mail, subscription processing, shipping and ordering supplies. Anything the office needs, she's the go-to person. She is happy to be able to use the skills that she learned at Fanshawe College in the Office Administration program.

Lori and her husband Jason have five children: Ethan, Connor, Zoe, Liam and Aidan, who are very into doing anything outdoors and are all actively involved in hockey. You can usually find them on any given winter night at the rink, or lounging around the lake in the summer.

Office Administrator Yolanda Giannantonio

Yolanda was born and raised in Waterloo, Ont. She has been married for 19 years to her husband Peter, and they have two beautiful girls: Natasha and Ella. She enjoys travelling, spending time with her friends and family, and keeping busy being a soccer mom. After 20 years as a medical lab tech she was ready for a change of pace, and is happy working with the great people at MHM Publishing.