The premier magazine for extensive, in-depth coverage of the civil helicopter industry in North America, Vertical Magazine, which is published six times per year, is the industry's "insider" publication. Our timely, relevant stories are written by some of the leading voices in the helicopter industry — providing a front-line, in-the-air, on-the-ground perspective by the people who are the news.

Backed by stunning photography and groundbreaking design, we focus on the sectors, operators, and equipment in the world of rotor flight that interest and affect you most. Regular features include helicopter operator profiles, industry reports, flight test profiles, maintenance articles, product reviews, and avionics and industry news.

Created to be North America's preferred trade publication, Vertical informs key decision makers — including government personnel, managers and flight operations personnel — of the latest trends, technologies and issues affecting their operations and careers.

At Vertical, our mission is simple and has remained the same since Mike and Linda Reyno launched Vertical in 2002: to provide the helicopter industry with the absolute best in editorial coverage and photography.

  • The helicopter industry's leading online resource with tens of thousands of news features that are refreshed and updated daily.
  • Online content that includes:
    • Original helicopter-specific content and product features not found anywhere else
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  • Over 30,000 stories, and growing every day.
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Our commitment to excellence has not gone unrecognized. In 2006, only four years after Vertical started publication, publishers Mike and Linda Reyno received Helicopter Association International's prestigious Excellence in Communications Award, given to the individual or organization achieving the most creative and distinct dissemination of information about the helicopter. Vertical was founded with the goal of providing the industry with an outstanding editorial product; the Excellence in Communications Award was confirmation that the magazine had achieved that goal in a remarkably short period of time.

In the years since, Vertical has only built on that legacy. Four of our contributing editors — Shawn Coyle, Elan Head, Guy Maher, and Ken Swartz — have also been recognized individually with HAI's Excellence in Communications Award. This is in addition to the countless awards that individual contributors have received for their achievements and positive impacts on the industry. At Vertical, we're focused on our readers, not awards, but we're proud each time that our magazine and contributors are recognized as outstanding.

Building on Vertical's established standards and reputation for excellence, Vertical 911 is targeted specifically toward parapublic, air medical, and military helicopter operators, with a special focus on the knowledge and technology that further their missions of public service. In addition to the from-the-field reporting and spectacular photography for which Vertical is famous, Vertical 911 incorporates regular columns and features from subject matter experts, who have unique insights into the challenges faced by the helicopter industry's "first responders."

While Vertical 911 has a strong North American focus, we travel far and wide to bring readers the stories that matter. Our international features shed light on different ways of approaching law enforcement, air medical, search-and-rescue, and military operations around the world. And, in the past, we've made multiple reporting trips to Afghanistan to report on combat helicopter operations from the front lines.

Vertical 911 is distributed to a carefully selected list of industry professionals and devoted subscribers, with additional distribution at the industry's most important trade shows.

It is published four times per year:

  • Winter (bonus distribution at HAI Heli-Expo)
  • Spring
  • Summer (ALEA)
  • Fall (AMTC)

Skies magazine is brought to you by MHM Publishing, the award-winning aviation publishing company founded in 2002 by husband-and-wife duo Mike and Linda Reyno. MHM first achieved recognition for publishing Vertical magazine, which has grown to become the largest helicopter industry magazine in the world.

Since then, MHM has launched additional aviation titles, including Skies magazine in 2011. Since its debut, Skies has quickly gained a loyal and escalating following for its fresh approach to covering North American aviation and aerospace news. Through its focus on people and the stories behind aviation, Skies was created to deliver the content that is missing from other magazines. It is produced by the industry, for the industry.

Each issue is packed with insightful stories, news, reports and feature profiles from all sectors of aviation: business, private, commercial, military, cargo, maintenance, training and more! We go into the field to tell the stories that define aviation and combine them with breathtaking photography, all in one easy-to-read format.

You will find Skies on the desks of key industry decision-makers. Our subscriber list features over 60,000 readers and includes owner/operators of turbine aircraft in Canada and the U.S., both fixed- and rotary-wing. We also send copies to airlines, charter operators, flight schools, MRO shops and departments, FBOs and airport management staff, top-ranking military officials, plus related trade organizations and enthusiasts. Skies is also widely distributed at prominent events where industry professionals gather.

Delivered bi-monthly, Skies is also complemented by our online brands, and Skies News e-newsletter, giving our readers a daily dose of the most current news from our diverse and dynamic industry.

RCAF Today is a special bi-annual publication produced by Skies magazine in association with the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF).

With an audited total circulation of more than 60,000 readers-including top decision-makers in the RCAF itself-Skies magazine is Canada's biggest aviation industry publication. The driving force behind the magazine is MHM Publishing, the largest all-aviation publishing house in the country.

Editorial content in the Spring and Fall issues of RCAF Today is jointly developed by MHM Publishing and the RCAF, and focuses on telling the stories of the people and aircraft in Canada's Air Force. Articles highlight RCAF accomplishments and activities at home and around the world.

This quality bi-annual publication is a fitting tribute to the hard work, challenges and accomplishments of the men and women of the RCAF. It is distributed to a targeted list of Air Force decision-makers and at related trade shows, including CANSEC in Ottawa, the country's largest military and defence show.

Insight is the luxurious tradeshow-only publication that enables companies to tell their story to the thousands of attendees and exhibitors at aviation and aerospace tradeshows.

With the help of professional writers, designers and photographers your story will be transformed into a one- or two-page featured article that educates and informs trade show attendees about your company, your products, your services...whatever you want. The end result is an article that will engage, impress and capture the attention of all readers.

Insight is an ad-free publication, so unlike traditional tradeshow publications, your article will never compete with advertisements to get noticed. Within this non-competitive environment, your company stays top of mind for existing and future customers.

How do you stand out from the crowd? It's easy. With Insight, you rise above it.

MHM Media, launched in 2014, is the premiere source for aviation videos from across the industry. A branch of MHM Publishing's renowned magazines, Vertical, Vertical 911, Skies, and RCAF Today, MHM Media brings the stories you love to read to life in high-quality, exciting, and informative videos.

The MHM Media team brings you onto the runway, into the cockpit, and across the trade room floor to witness for yourself the most exciting developments from the field. Our trade show coverage includes: HAI's Heli-Expo, the National Business Aviation Association Convention and Exhibition, the Air Medical Transport Conference, the Airborne Law Enforcement Association Exposition, and more!

Take a ride in the most innovative new aircraft with our broad range of test flights performed by industry experts. Learn more about your favourite operators with in-depth profiles, and get to know the ins and outs of the most ground-breaking aircraft from helicopters to business jets with MHM Media.

The MHM Team

Group Publisher

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Mike Reyno

Involved in the aviation publishing industry since the early nineties, Mike's experience and in-depth knowledge of aviation is the foundation for what MHM Publishing's successful portfolio of magazines has been built upon.


Phone: 519-748-1591 ext: 4200


Linda Reyno

Linda is responsible for running MHM's day to day operations. With a strong background in marketing and sales, she is also responsible for everything from trade shows to dreaming up new marketing ideas for MHM's portfolio.

Associate Publisher

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Derek Kast

Derek is responsible for portfolio of sales, marketing and communications for all MHM Brands. With over 20 years of sales experience, he draws on an extensive background of straightforward, low-pressure sales approach.

Vertical Managing Editor

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Oliver Johnson

Oliver joined MHM Publishing as Online Editor in March 2012, and soon realized he had found his calling in reporting on the aviation industry. He has been Vertical Magazine's Managing Editor since December 2012.

Skies Editor-in-Chief

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Lisa Gordon

Lisa has edited magazines for 16 years. While in university, she worked at several flying schools and later for FlightSafety and the Canadian Owners and Pilots Association, before joining MHM Publishing in 2011 to help launch Skies .

Assistant Editor, Skies Magazine

Phone: 519-748-1591 ext: 5500


Ben Forrest

Ben joins MHM after a lengthy career as a newspaper editor and reporter/photographer. He has a Master of Arts in Journalism from Western University and grew up in Huron County, Ont., the heart of Alice Munro country.

Vertical Special Projects Manager & News Editor

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Elan Head

An FAA Gold Seal flight instructor, Elan holds commercial helicopter licenses in the U.S., Canada, and Australia, and is an award-winning journalist who has written for a wide range of publications since the late-1990s.

Skies Director of Sales and Marketing

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Tim Muise

Tim Muise has been the Director of Sales and Marketing with MHM since 2011. With more than 30 years of sales & publishing experience, he specializes in identifying his customer's needs and designing programs that fit their goals.

Vertical & Skies Classified Advertising Manager

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Carla McKay

Carla has been involved with Vertical from the early days of the magazine juggling many positions before moving into her current position as Marketplace Sale Manager. She also assists with the other brands that MHM offers.

Director of Sales

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Frank Sargeant

With a passion for "doing what is right for the customer," Frank brings his energy into the role of Sales Director for MHM's newest publication, INSIGHT. As an "eternal optimist", he views all challenges as opportunities.

Circulation Manager & Skies Marketplace Sales

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Leanne Willis

Leanne joined MHM in 2007. Besides managing the subscription lists, she handles marketplace sales for Skies and the Vertical careers page. Always stylish, Leanne loves makeup & fashion. Mostly, though, she loves to laugh!

Production Manager

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Jen Colven

Creative guru Jen plays an integral part in shaping the stylish, cutting-edge design of MHM's many publications. Outside work, she is an avid Toronto sports fan (go Jays & Raps!) and loves a drink on patios with friends.

Graphic Designer

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Kaytlyn Wismayer

An artist since childhood, Kaytlyn always knew she would work in the creative field. Designing the MHM family of magazines that you know and love was a natural fit. When not at the office, she enjoys camping and home improvement.


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David Agotesku

500 years ago, I set out on a mission: to be the best webmaster in the world. The Monks of Conestoga taught me many skills: PHP, Java (which was delicious), and many more. I am now capable of thinking websites into being.

Accounting Manager

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Dana Hancock

Dana enjoys working with numbers and this makes for a contented Accounting Manager. She is a graduate of Conestoga College and enjoys reading, furthering her accounting studies and taking walks with her new puppy, Poncho.

Office Administrator

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Lori Hill

Whether you have a general inquiry or would like to order a poster, when you call MHM Publishing there's a good chance you'll be speaking with Lori. Since 2010 she has taken on invoicing, mail and managing subscriptions.

Office Administrator

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Yolanda Giannantonio

After working in the medical field for 15 years, a change to MHM was just what she needed. The part time position allows her time at home with her husband of 21 years and 2 children who are busy with sports and school.